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STRESS FREE world and SELF HEALING is the prime goal of Mandeep Homeo Clinic

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Homeopathic Treatment Consent Form

  • Homeopathy is the wholistic mode of treatment. It treat person as a whole rather than focusing on diseased organ of a body. Homeopathy enhances the self curing capability of body.
  • Homeopathy case taking consider physical, mental and emotional symptoms. In homeopathy, emotional and mental symptoms are equally important as physical symptoms.
  • I understand Mandeep Kaur BHMS Homeopath has had extensive training in homeopathy. I acknowledge, she is not a medical doctor.
  • I confirm that any prescription medications i am taking under the case of physician will not be withdrawn without his/her supervision.
  • I fully understand what has been presented to me with regards to the nature of homeopathic medicines their safety.
  • I understand minor aggravation or worsening of some symptoms may occur temporarily as a part of healing process.
  • I understand i have to follow the precautions that will be given by homeopath.
  • I am over 18 years old have voluntarily chosen homeopathic treatment for myself /my child.
  • I understand the current fees for consultations and follow up may be changed at any time without further notice.
  • I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.
  • I hereby release, i have read this informed consent, understand it & agree to it.